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Attorney Greg Brassfield Featured in Law360 on Contractual Forum Selection Clauses

LPHS associate Greg Brassfield recently authored an article for Law360’s Expert Analysis, “The Perils of Ignoring Contractual Forum Selection Clauses,” discussing the importance of choosing the right venue for litigation and the consequences when a company chooses to ignore it. “One of the first strategic questions companies must consider in litigation is where to file suit. Each […]

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Texas Lawyer Speaks to David Coale on Reopening Texas

With many government orders coming from the state, county and cities, many Texans have been wondering which orders to follow. The firm’s David Coale talked to Texas Lawyer on who has the authority to reopen Texas. “According to the Texas law, the governor has the authority to declare when the state can reopen. Since this outbreak is […]

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Coronavirus: What are the Legal Issues for an Involuntary Quarantine?

The SXSW conference canceled, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo ended early and sporting events are suspended or disallowing fans in the stands. The coronavirus outbreak has many state and health experts making voluntary decisions to prevent the spread of the disease. But what if a person or place is put under a government-ordered involuntary quarantine? What are the legal […]

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Michael K. Hurst Interviewed on Impact of Oil and Gas Meltdown

March 9 brought one of the worst days in history for the stock market as oil and gas prices fell due to oil-producing countries failing to strike a deal. LPHS’s partner Michael K. Hurst told Hart he expects several companies to file for bankruptcy, go through litigation or merge. “I would expect to see […]

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David Coale Discusses Commutation in Reality Winner’s Case

The family of Reality Winner, a former government contractor, has asked President Trump to reduce her prison sentence. Winner is serving time for leaking government documents about Russian interference in the 2016 elections to the media. The family’s attorney says President Trump has already expressed that Winner’s sentence was “unfair.” LPHS partner David Coale says […]

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WFAA ABC Dallas Interviews David Coale on the Impeachment Trial

The U.S. Senate has started the trial against President Trump after House Democrats impeached him in December on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. In a Channel 8 interview, LPHS partner David Coale provided his perspective on the trial. “The outcome seems preordained. The Democrats’ best hope is probably to win procedural […]

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