David Coale Answers Questions about Texas’ S.B. 8 on NPR 1 A over Texas S.B. 8

On National Public Radio’s flagship podcast, as well as a leading online publication covering Texas, LPHS appellate partner David Coale discusses the lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice over Texas’ Heartbeat law and answers questions about the legalities of the issue.    Listen to David’s interview on NPR’s 1A WAMU.   Read David’s insight on the matter in the Texas […]

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Texas Lawbook Quotes LPHS’ David Coale on Energy Wage and Hour Dispute

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit recently ruled energy companies who pay workers by the day must include overtime pay as they are not exempt, salaried employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act. LPHS appellate partner David Coale says the ruling “follows the old adage that “politics makes strange bedfellows.”   “Apparently ‘textualism’ does too,” Coale said. […]

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David Coale Appears on KXAS NBC Dallas Lone Star Politics

With the ongoing debate over wearing masks in Texas because of COVID-19, LPHS appellate and constitutional law attorney David Coale appeared on the KXAS NBC 5 political podcast Lone Star Politics to discuss the back and forth of all the legal issues involving the mask mandate bans.   Listen to David’s interview on the podcast. 

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