David Coale on KLIF Explaining Supreme Court Ruling in Cheerleader Free Speech Case

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of a former high school cheerleader who sued her school district after she was punished for making vulgar Snapchat remarks about tryouts. LPHS appellate and constitutional law attorney David Coale explains the ruling. “They said essentially you have gone too far school. She is out of school; she is on her own time. It didn’t hurt anybody, and the biggest thing point was at the end: you are not just a place that has a cheerleading squad, you are a place that teaches people how to be citizens. And, when young citizens are on their own time, out of school, they’re entitled to express their opinion and you are not entitled to regulate that. This is just the way the rules are going to be. Justice Breyer put a lot of detail in his opinion about when a school might be able to step in and regulate. But it was a real statement about student free speech.” 

Listen to David’s interview here