Law360 Interviews David Coale on Texas Appellate Races

More incumbent appellate judges in Texas – primarily Republicans — are facing Democratic challengers in the November 3 election who hope to continue a 2018 trend in which Republican judges lost to their opponents. LPHS appellate partner David Coale talked to Law360 about the philosophical impact of that trend on the 5th Court of Appeals in Dallas. “The most obvious […]

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KDFW FOX 4 Talks to David Coale about Mail-in Ballot Process

Early voting starts October 13 in Texas, and election officials are already seeing an increase with people turning in their mail-in ballots. LPHS partner David Coale explains the process for mail-in ballots to KDFW FOX 4 Dallas, and says there are two stages, including making sure the ballot qualifies. “When your ballot goes in, there is a board […]

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Dallas Media Interviews David Coale on Supreme Court Nomination Process, and Recent Allegations against Texas AG Ken Paxton

Republican Senators have recently tested positive for COVID-19. LPHS partner David Coale talked to KLIF Morning Radio on the impact that could have on the hearings for the next U.S. Supreme Court Judge. “The Constitution requires a majority of the Senate be present if it’s going to have a vote, and the Senate has never had rules about proxy voting. The Senate – you have to actually be there to cast your ballot, and […]

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