David Coale Quoted in Law360 on Key Texas Supreme Court 2020 Term Rulings

LPHS partner David Coale was among the state’s leading appellate attorneys Law360 turned to provide perspective on the Texas Supreme Court’s recently completed 2020 term. 

In the July 14 article “The Biggest Texas Supreme Court Rulings This Term,” Mr. Coale discussed the court’s reversal of three cases from the Fifth Court of Appeals in Dallas due to technical waivers in briefing. The rulings send a signal that appellate practitioners have “a little more latitude than you may have thought,” he said. 

‘“That’s important because sometimes things are in the briefing, but you haven’t set them up as formally as you could. The idea of the cases is not so much to excuse anything, but just to say … ‘You’ve tried and you made a good faith effort to state the issue, we’re not going to require perfection of you.'” 

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